Currency Exchange Rates XML File Generator

Powered by Currency Exchange Rates XML Web Service

Currency Rates XML File Generation utility is a command line application which generates XML file with currency rates based on current data from Mondor Currency Rates XML Web Service.

You can run it from either command line or as a scheduled task so it would generate XML file for your application or web site.

The resulting file looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<rates DateGenerated="12/04/2012" BaseCurrency="EUR">
<rate Target="USD" Value=".76220" />
<rate Target="AUD" Value=".79151" />
<rate Target="SEK" Value=".11232" />


Currency Exchange Rates XML File Generator is free tool and you can use it with any type of license for Mondor Web Service, including the free license keys. It is also possible to retrieve XML file directly from website, if you own annual or semi-annual license.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or higher / Windows Server 2003 SP2 or higher
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile
When installing Currency Exchange Rates XML File Generator using the setup package, the .NET Framework 4 Client Profile prerequisite is installed automatically.


You can install Currency Exchange Rates XML File Generator by using either automated setup or simple archive with executable files.

Click here to download Setup Package for Windows (MSI and EXE) 14/APR/2012
Click here to download Compressed archive with binary files 14/APR/2012

What is inside

The setup package for Windows includes these programs:

  • Currency Rates XML File Generator
    Command line utility for Windows
  • Currency Rates XML File Generator UI Frontend
    Graphical user interface for command line utility
  • Currency Exchange Rates Web Service Client
    The same Windows GUI application that is offered on main product page as sample. You can use it to check your access code, perform conversions and recharge your key.
  • Currency Rates Update Utility for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
    This utility by Dmitry Kirsanov updates currency rates in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 database. We used the UI principles of this program in XML File generator, so they both have the same command line switches.

How to use Currency Rates XML File Generator

Mondor Currency Rates XML File Generator screenshot

If you are familiar with command line, the easiest will be to use the command line utility directly, without the GUI frontend. The syntax is very simple and you can see it when running the mondorxml.exe with the "/?" parameter.

MondorXML.exe [/parameter] [Currency List File]

Command line parameters:

/v - Verbose mode. Print informational messages.
/s - Quiet mode. All messages will be printed to Event Log.
/l - Prepare Event Log. This should be normally used just once, using Run As Administrator.

Verbose mode means that you will see messages that explain what program is doing at the moment. This is useful when you are diagnosing the cause of malfunction. Or if you are just curious.

Quite mode is the opposite to Verbose mode. No status messages will be displayed. S stands for "Silence". This mode can be used when you are running application as Scheduled Task.

Prepare Event Log will create the application entry in the computer's Event Log. You should only do it once if you want application to correctly submit errors and warnings to Windows Event Log. This is useful, when your application is running as scheduled task on remote server and you don't have habit of frequent remote logon. You can retrieve Event Logs using WMI.

Currency list file is a text file with 3-symbols standard currency code (like "USD" or "GBP"), one code per line. You can see SampleList.txt shipped with application to get an example.

This program will save result to the same directory as the executable file. Make sure you have write permissions to that directory, otherwise copy the utility and configuration file to another location.

The dots you see during the execution of the application reflect each currency that is added to the XML file.

How to use the GUI frontend

If you are not familiar with command line console, you can run the MondorXMLUI.exe which is the graphical interface for the utility. This program allows you to specify where to save the XML file, currencies you want to be in that XML file, and whether you want to save the batch file for future reference. You can then either execute XML file generation, or just save batch to run later or use as scheduled task.