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Currency Rates Conversion Web Service

Flat facts:
  • 140 currencies
  • Updates every 10 minutes
  • Historical data is available
  • Very flexible pricing
  • API access using Web Services and XML file
  • WebAPI access for using in JavaScript code
  • Simple conversion using HTTP GET
  • SSL Encryption (HTTPS, 2048 bit)
  • Not limited to IP address
  • Not limited to amount of calls *

Why Mondor

We are supporting the business needs of our customers since 2007 and we know our business well, having thousands of active customers and incredible team of professionals. Also, we have decent reliability, having no downtime during the last year!

Why use currency converter?

Do you sell online? If yes, then your business will greatly benefit from displaying prices in multiple currencies. Allowing your visitors to compare prices using current exchange rates is extremely important, because some people won't catch the difference between USD 50 and EUR 50, yet it is significant and every day it's different.

So if you are offering your product for USD 50, you can display the correct and easily comparable price to your worldwide customers. As the merchandise browsing happens fast, people tend to react to lower numbers, and €35 is "lower" than $50, even though the monetary value is the same.

For the example above, you need a source of currency exchange rates, which is always current and available. offers you such, and it would fit any project, be it web shop or complex financial system.

The information in our service is frequently updated - about every 12 minutes. Of course, for appliance like e-shop you probably will need only one request per currency per day, but should you need more recent data - you'll get it immediately.

How it works

If you're developer, you can use our XML web services, WCF or WebAPI. That is the easiest way to collaborate for distributed applications. Whatever your application is - PHP, ASP.NET, Java, executable application or even PowerShell script, it can connect to the XML web service and retrieve information that it requires, as if it would be a part of your application.

This web service allows you to retrieve the latest currency rates, convert one currency into another, and it only takes about 3 lines of code for you!

If you can't use XML Web Services, then we provide the current rates in form of XML file, Web API or RESTful service (see our blog for details).

How much does it cost?

It always depends from your needs. Maintaining e-shop could require only a single call per currency per day, and that would cost you less than €0.10 per month.

Hosting a professional financial application, which constantly requests information about many currencies, would cost less than €10 per month.

2K Requests $5.85
2000 API calls. No expiration date.
Bi-Monthly 100 $7.90
Two months pass, limited to 100 API calls per day.
Unlimited month $14.99
One month unlimited use.
Annual 100 $32.00
One year access with a cap of 100 API calls per day
Annual $120.00
One year unlimited use.

Subscription $50.00 / 6m
Unlimited use, automatically updated twice a year. Price is per 6 months. Renewal may be cancelled at any time.

There are two types of keys - ordinary and recharge. Recharge keys can be used to "recharge" existing keys of the same type at more affordable price. For example, you can acquire a "1K Requests" key for $5.85 and then add additional requests when needed for only $9.90 per 2000 calls.

Our API allows to recharge keys automatically - your application is requesting the balance of your key, which is a free request, and checks whether the amount of calls is reaching some defined minimum (say, a common daily use), or if the expiration date is closing. It then recharges the existing key with pre-acquired recharge key.

Recharge key allows you to use the same original key which you have acquired initially, to avoid changing your code or configuration files just because your old key is expired. You simply recharge your existing key.

Click here to acquire your key now!

Try before you buy!

It is important for us, that you learn to use our service before you embed it into your solution. We are also interested in making this service as useful for you as possible, so feel free to download sample code and see what else you could do with our currency rates XML web service!

Click here to request demo key now!

We will provide you with 14 days demo key (see the Manual below for implementation instructions) which would allow you to start using our web service and test it in your environment.

Download User Manual

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